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24/7 Moderation

Human moderation scaled by technology protects your brand and reputation around the clock.

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Customer support alerts

Links to comments in need of customer support attention, hand-picked based on your requirements.

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Conversation analyzer

Listen and learn. Valuable feedback suggestions from your customers – analyzed and categorized.

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Extensive analytics and actionable recommendations on your social media performance.

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Why moderate comments?


Improved reputation

Harmful comments impact directly on your reputation. Reputation affects sales, recruitment and financing.

Improved ad performance

A sponsored story with comments moderated performs up to 3 times better than one without moderation.

Increased engagement

Engagement levels impact directly on your reach, i.e. on how much visibility your brand's posts receive on Facebook.

More satisfied customers

When your team answers inquiries on Facebook quickly and efficiently, your customers will keep on returning.

Competitive edge

Stay ahead of your competition by taking customer suggestions and feedback seriously. Customers know best.

Increased sales

Your reputation, ad performance, engagement, customer satisfaction and competitive edge all impact on your sales.